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Power Plant AN1MJQ-18 is made up of two Tactical Utility Generator Sets, DOD Model MEP–003A, mounted on a single modified M103A3 trailer. These generator sets are air-cooled, diesel engine-driven units, each with a load capacity of 10 KW at 60 Hz. The trailer is a two– wheeled unit with a 1–1/2–ton carrying capacity. The modifications to the basic trailer provide stowage for the accessories and all equipment necessary for mobile operation as well as providing a work platform for the operator and maintenance personnel. Output from the power plant is applied to the system or equipment being powered through a switch box. The AN/MJQ–18 is supplied with either a 4–wire or a 5–wire configuration switch box. Figures 1–1 and 1–2 illustrate the power plant with the fitted cover removed to show the generator sets.



  • TM 5-6115-633-14&P

Adobe PDF icon.png TM 5-6115-633-14&P 1988 (LOGSA)