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AN/APG-15* S-Band Tail Turret Range Finder for B-29, PB4Y-2 & P4M Aircraft


  • APM-58 APG-15 Test Set
  • AS-217/ APG-15 Antenna
  • C-206,237/ APG-15 CBxs
  • CP-8/ APG-15 Range Computer
  • ID-116/ APG-15 "Wing Spot" Indicator 2AP1 CRT U/W MT-420/
  • J-109/ APG-15 JBx
  • J-141/ APG-15 JBx U/W MT-397/
  • MT-398/ APG-15B Mounting Plate U/W C-237/
  • MT-397/ APG-15 Mounting Plate U/W J-141/
  • MT-420/ APG-15 Storage Bracket U/W ID-116/
  • MX-215/APG-5 APG-15 Blower
  • TS-126/AP Range Calibrator
  • UG-24/U APG-15 Cable Connector