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S-Band Gun Director (modf SCR-702B & Navy AGL-1) U/W P-61 1944 U/W APM-5,7,10,37


  • RF-8/ APG-1 R-T Unit
  • AS-7/ APG-1 Antenna
  • BC-1142* APG-1 Modulator
  • C-9/ APG-1 CBx for ID-7/ Indicator U/W MT-29/
  • C-10/ APG-1 Power CBx
  • C-18/ APG-1 Antenna CBx
  • CG-117/ APG-1 RG-16/U Xmission Line
  • CU-57/AP Dir-Coupler
  • FT-353*/ APG-1 Mount
  • FT-356/ APG-1 Mount for MG-27-B
  • FT-410/ APG-1 Mount for RA-90 PS
  • ID-7/ APG-1 Indicator U/W MT-30
  • ID-8/ APG-1 Indicator 3BP1
  • ID-9/ APG-1 Relative Target Speed Ind.
  • ID-10/ APG-1 Target Range Indicator
  • J-3/ APG-1 JBx S/T JB-87A
  • J-4/ APG-1 JBx S/T JB-98*
  • MG-27* APG-1 M-G PS (on FT-356)
  • MT-29/ APG-1 Mount for C-9/
  • MT-30/ APG-1 Mount for ID-7/
  • MT-32/ APG-1 Mount for C-10/
  • MT-52/ APG-1 Mount for PP-6/
  • MT-53/ APG-1 Mount for SN-2/
  • MX-11/APG-2 Waveguide Dehydrator
  • PE-218* Power Inverter
  • PP-6/ APG-1 LV Rect-PS
  • RA-90/ APG-1 PS (on MT-29/)
  • SN-1,2/ APG-1 Synchronizers U/W MT-30


  • AN 08-30APG1-2