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Interphone-Radio Control Set AN/AIC-4 provides the pilot and radio operator of an aircraft with control over the microphone, radio transmitter, radio receiver audio output, and the interphone circuits of the aircraft communic,ation facilities. This equipment also provides all crew members with interphone communication, access to the audio output fro.n he vhf receiver, and control of the vhf transmitter.

Frequency Range
0 to 4,000 cps
Power Output
Low: 1.5 w
High: 4 w
Input Impedance
Microphone: 200 ohms
Radio Channel: 0 to 3,000 ohms
Output Impedance
Low: 120 ohms
High: 30 ohms
Power Requirements
63 w, 28-vdc


  • Interphone Amplifier AM-40/AIC
  • Operator's Control Unit C-174/AIC-4
  • Control Unit C-387/AIC-4
  • Control Unit C-387A/AIC-4
  • Pilot's Control Unit C-242/AIC-4
  • Pilot's Control Unit C-172/AIC-4 or
  • Pilot's Control Unit C-150/AIC-4
  • Station Control Unit C-173/AIC-4

Reference Files

TO 12R2-2AIC2-2, -14