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Interphone Equipment AN/AIC-3 is an airborne inter- plane, intraplance, and air-to-ground intercommunication system having not less than two nor more than five interphone stations. It is designed for aircraft requiring not more than five master stations with all control facilities available at each station. The system is normally supplied for light bom- bers and cargo aircraft. This equipment has five functions: voice communications between any or all interphone stations; individual selections at each station of the audio output of eight receivers; means of switching the microphone to any one of three transmitters or to interphone; a call facility whereby all positions may be called by voice regardless of the microphone or facility switch setting at any of the call stations; and a filter facility whereby the output signal of the automatic radio compass receiver may be fed through a radio range filter at each interphone station- to the operator.

AN AIC-3.png

Affords intraplane and interplane communication and control of radio equipment
Type Controls
Manual; 3-position switch for voice, range, or both; 5-position switch for VHF command, liaison, HF command transmitters, and interphone call
Power Output
60 mv at 600 ohms impedance (per unit)
Power Requirements
0.445 amp (per station) at 24- to 28-v de


  • 2 to 5 - Control C-166( )/AIC-3
  • 2 to 5 - Filter F-21/ARA- 9
  • 1 - Junction Box J-90/ AIC-3
  • 2 to 5 - Plug U-6/U

Reference Files

TO 12R2-2AIC3-14, -1, -2