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X-Band "Research-Detecting Radar" 50 KW-PP Navy AN~ASD-3


  • BC-1007, Modulator, three 705A U/W CD-1094, MC-494
  • BC-1153, Range-Azimuth PPI (2 5FP7) CD-1094,1095,1097, FT-423
  • BC-1155, Synchronizer, 24 tubes CD-1094,1157, FT-425, MC-595
  • BC-1157, Antenna CBx U/W BC-1285, CD-1107, FT-417, MC-494
  • BC-1276*, X-Band Transmitter 8 tubes FT-481/MT-142
  • BC-1285, Antenna Control Unit U/W BC-1157 (MC-612 upgrade)
  • FT-417,423,425,479-83,
  • JB-87,94,
  • MC-478,
  • PE-218*,
  • RA-88,
  • RA-90,
  • RC-264 Antenna, TF-12 Voltage Reg. Navy ASD-3


  • SIG-5 2S667