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SCR-584 mobile search radar

(S-Band, later X-Band) Mobile medium-range microwave Antiaircraft Artillery gun-laying set, consisting of semi-trailer and 4-ton tractor. One spare parts truck is furnished to each AA gun battery. Supplies present azimuth, angular height and slant range or altitude. Operates with IFF equipment RC-184. USES: To search for targets and furnish position data for AAAIS. Transmits necessary present position data for all long-range AA gun directors. May also be used as radar range or height finder with separate visual determination of azimuth and angular height.


SCR-584 cut.jpg


X-Band Modfication

  • Kits: MC-581,607*,624,627,645,662,663,672, CD-1324,1393, CD-1354,1355,1356,1357,1360-1367,1371,1372,1391,1415,1424-1427,MC-607
  • X-Band Modification Kit, MG-16A,19A, PN-53, RA-141,142 U/W RC-148,184,584 IFF Sets and RC-295,305,306 Plotting Eqpt.


  • FM 4-44,
  • TM 11-1324, Radio Set SCR-584 Technical Manual General Description, Operating Instructions and Equipment Performance Log. War Dept. Dec. 1943
  • TM 11-1363 General,
  • TM 11-1424 Maintenance,
  • TM 11-1524 Theory-Servicing

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