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this article is incomplete, it will be updated in time. for now we have added an image of the data.
SCR-211 Data.png



Reference Files

  • TR 1215-4 Signal Corps Frequency Meter Set SCR-211-A 1939-06-01

Adobe PDF icon.png TM 11-300

Frequency Meter Sets
SCR-211-A, -B, -C, -D, -E, -F, -J, -K, -L, -M, -N, -O, -P, -Q, -R, -T, -AA, -AC, -AE, -AF, -AH, -AJ, -AK, -AL
20 July 1944
  • 11-300AE Frequency Meter Set SCR-211-AE. War Dept. Aug. 7, 1943
  • 11-300AF Frequency Meter Set SCR-211-AF. War Dept. Nov. 1943. 46 p. U408.3.A13 TM 11-300AF Nov. 1943
  • 11-300AF Frequencemetre SCR-211-AF. Ministere de la Guerre. Feb. 1945. 49 p. U408.3.A13 TM 11-300AF Feb. 1945
  • 11-300AG Frequency Meter Sets SCR-211-AG and SCR-211-AK. War Dept. Jan. 1944. 83 p. U408.3.A13 TM 11-300AG Jan. 1944
  • 11-300-Q Frequency Meter Set SCR-211-Q. War Dept. Mar. 1943. 45 p. U408.3.A13 TM 11-300-Q Mar. 1943
  • 11-300T Frequency Meter Set SCR-211-T. War Dept. May 1943. 45 p. U408.3.A13 TM 11-300T May 1943