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  • The S-389/MSA-34 are the shelter components that make up a Mobile Operations and Electrical Facility (MOEF, AN/MSA-34), a generator power equipped trailer with three shelters, used as a part of an OUTS Operational Unit Transportable System), a large communication complex consisting of seven MSA-34s.

S-389.MSA-34 01.jpg S-389.MSA-34 02.jpg S-389.MSA-34 03.jpg S-389.MSA-34 08.jpg S-389.MSA-34 06.jpg S-389.MSA-34 05.jpg S-389.MSA-34 04.jpg S-389.MSA-34 07.jpg S-389.MSA-34 09.jpg 19039721.jpg 19039722.jpg 19039723.jpg

  • Individual S-389 shelters can be outfitted as one of several shelter types to provide specialized functions.

Shelter types that make up the 21 S-389/MSA-34 shelters of a complete OUTS:

AN/TRR-27 Radio Receiving Central

AN/TYQ-5 Data Analysis Central

AN/TSQ-78 Control Central

AN/TRM-18 Radio Maintenance Central

AN/TGM-2 Teletype Maintenance Central

AN/TGR-2 Teletype Receiving Central

AN/TGR-1 Teletype Receiving Central

AN/USM-379 Repair Parts Storage Facility

AN/TSQ-79 Administrative Control Central

AN/TXR-3 Facsimile Receiving Central

AN/TRX-1 Radio Identification Central

AN/TSC-75 Communications Central

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Reference File

Adobe PDF icon.png TM 32-5410-215-14P 1980 (LOGSA)

Adobe PDF icon.png TM-32-5811-021-14 1977

  • TM 32-5410-217-14P Shelter, Electrical Equipment S389/MSA-34