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Standard S-144: S-144.G.07.jpg Physical, Characteristics: Interior Dimension: 71-1/2" L x 54-1/2" W x 58" H Exterior Dimension: 76" L x 57" W x 62-1/2" H Aluminum skins and structural members bonded to plastic foam core. Weight: 375 pounds Concept of Use: General purpose communications - electronics enclosure for tactical army use. Transportable by 3/4 ton truck and by fixed and rotary winged aircraft. Can be adapted for transport by 1-1/4 ton truck.

S-144/G of the AN~MTC-7: S-144.G. 01.jpg S-144.G. 02.jpg S-144.G. 03.jpg S-144.G. 04.jpg S-144.G. 05.jpg S-144.G. 05.jpg

Reference File

  • 11-5805-211-15

Adobe PDF icon.png TM 11-5805-211-15 July 1959

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