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RL / Reel

  • RL-1 aircraft antenna, U/W DR-1 A-21
  • RL-2 aircraft antenna,
  • RL-3 hand, wire frame, pipe handle, for antenna wire, counterpoise, guy ropes.
  • RL-4 on stand, for inspection of aircraft reel antenna. on the ground
  • RL-5 replaces RL-1
  • RL-6 breast, for DR-3 shoulder straps and belt.
  • RL-7 ?
  • RL-8 pressed steel, spool, 9-1/2" long, 9'OD, 3" ID
  • RL-9 breast, iron frame, shoulder straps, crank gear and pinion.
  • RL-10 reel carier, light wood frame for DR-4
  • RL-11 spool wooden drum
  • RL-12 breast, two brass frames, and breastplate, RL-11 spool
  • RL-13 hand, adjustable forks
  • RL-14 pack, (pack reel mountain artillery type) chain drive,
  • RL-15 Hand, for antenna kite, SCR-44
  • RL-16 reel cart, pack type, wire spoke tires
  • RL-17 hand, 2-man strecher type with verticle reel
  • RL-18
  • RL-19
  • RL-20 aircraft antenna
  • RL-21 breast reel type, field artillery journal (may june 1930)
  • RL-22
  • RL-23 Reel Cart Type RL-23. Now being tested by horsedrawn and motorized artillery. Probable date of completion December 31, 1930. (field artillery journal May-june 1930)
  • RL-24 carrier for use on philips pack saddle
  • RL-25 manual at Ft. sill library ??? Operators Manual Reel Unit RL-25-E 1958-01-01 TM 11-360A-10
  • RL-26 power reel holds 2 - DR-5s
  • RL-27 axle, with hand grips
  • RL-28 hand, flat aluminum, or plastic, no handle, (flat card with ends notched).
  • RL-29 hand, wire frame, pipe handle, issued with SCR-694 and others, for wire antennas, and guy cords.
  • RL-30 aircraft antenna P/O SCR-287, TM 1-470
  • RL-31 folding stand, 4-legs,
  • RL-32
  • RL-33 balloon wire ?
  • RL-34 carrier, wire ?
  • RL-35 hand cart, holds 3 - DR-4s
  • RL-36
  • RL-37 wire thrower, truck mounted, DR-5
  • RL-38
  • RL-39 hand reel for DR-8 / CE-11
  • RL-40 13" X 9" X 10" for SCR-277
  • RL-41 aircraft trailing wire antenna
  • RL-42 aircraft trailing wire antenna
  • RL-43
  • RL-44
  • RL-45 RL-31 with hardware for mounting on vehicle.
  • RL-46
  • RL-47
  • RL-48 reel inside Gibson girl SCR-578
  • RL-49 reel stand for DR-10, AN~CRD-3
  • RL-50
  • RL-51
  • RL-52
  • RL-53
  • RL-54
  • RL-55 P/O PA-5

100 to 200

  • RL-200/G reeling machine TM 11-3895-206-20p
  • RL-207/G reeling machine gasoline
  • RL-435/U is a lightweight cable reel used to store, transport, and install a 100-foot length of Field Cable CX-11230/G. It can be mounted on Reel Unit RL-31-E or Reeling Machine RL-207/G.