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Power Unit PE-145-A is portable, self-contained, gasoline-electric power plant, consisting of a four-cylinder gasoline engine,directly connected through a full metallic coupling to an alternating current generator. The entire unit, including radiator, engine, alternator, and control panel, is mounted on an electrically welded steel bedplate. A 15-gallon gasoline tank is mounted over the flywheel housing. The engine is equipped with a fuel pump for supplying gasoline to the carburetor either from this tank or from drums of gasoline that may be placed alongside the power unit. A gear-type lubricating oil pump, equipped with a renewable cardridge-type oil type, furnishes oil under pressure to all engine bearings. Carbureation is by means of a conventional-type carburetor with the air intake passing through an Air-Maze oil-bath air cleaner and backfire arrester.

PE-145 generator.jpg PE-145, CONTROL PANEL.jpg


Adobe PDF icon.png TM 11-929 Jul. 1943