Converting Dash Mount EF Johnson Challenger Radios to Remote Mount

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the Ef johnson Challenger series radios are quite flexible for older technology. You can take a dash mount radio and convert it to remote mount if you have the remote head and junction box.

These are connected to the junction box via a n 8 pin modular connector, that resembles an RJ45, but its just a little smaller. You can easily file down the sides of an RJ45 and make it fit perfectly.

  • Connections
    • 1 - (A) Orange - Receive Data
    • 2 - (1) Ground Braid
    • 3 - (2) Red - Mic audio
    • 4 - (3) Green - Power Control
    • 5 - (4) Yellow - PTT
    • 6 - (5) Blue - 13.4 volt source
    • 7 - (6) White - Receive Audio
    • 8 - (B) Brown - Transmit Data

Challenger Remote Components

although the image is clearly of an 86xx series, the remote heads are the same

Challenger remote hookup.jpg

Choosing the Proper Radio

Not all challenger series radios have the necessary configuration or parts to convert to a remote. The main item to look for are the additional mounting holes for the relay and the presence of other parts on the bottom of the board.

OK to Convert Not OK to Convert

Challenger remote programming hookup diagram.jpg

Challenger remote junction box schematic.jpg

Challenger remote hookup-close1.jpg

Challenger remote hookup-close2.jpg

Challenger remote hookup-close3.jpg