Converting Dash Mount EF Johnson Challenger Radios to Remote Mount

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the Ef johnson Challenger series radios are quite flexible for older technology. You can take a dash mount radio and convert it to remote mount if you have the remote head and junction box.

These are connected to the junction box via a n 8 pin modular connector, that resembles an RJ45, but its just a little smaller. You can easily file down the sides of an RJ45 and make it fit perfectly.


1 - (A) Orange - Receive Data 2 - (1) Ground Braid 3 - (2) Red - Mic audio 4 - (3) Green - Power Control 5 - (4) Yellow - PTT 6 - (5) Blue - 13.4 volt source 7 - (6) White - Receive Audio 8 - (B) Brown - Transmit Data

Challenger remote hookup.jpg

Challenger remote programming hookup diagram.jpg

Challenger remote junction box schematic.jpg

Challenger remote hookup-close1.jpg

Challenger remote hookup-close2.jpg

Challenger remote hookup-close3.jpg

Challenger ok to convert.jpg

Challenger not ok to convert.jpg