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CO-213 Intercom cable, seems to be universal to all Armor vehicles. (1/2-inch outside dia.) bundled as follows. in black rubber sheath- over braided shielding, over cotton braid. used with BC-606 intercom box. a special bushing was fitted to the end and soldered to the shielding.

  • (stranded copper), (rubber insulation)
  • Black #18
  • white #18
  • yellow #18
  • green #18
  • red #18
  • blue #18
  • brown #18



so this came out of an M4A3E9 sherman, thats why its been painted white at some time, as you can see their is a antifriction layer between the metal shielding and cotton cover. dont know what the material is, could be anything slick, from cellophane, to mica, to some sort of early plastic the wire could be tinned copper, not sure at this point, In contacting "Vintage Wiring of Main" they said making it would not be a problem. and that no one had ever asked them before. (place eye role icon here). so get on it money bag armor guys.


  • (can be found in all the armor TM 11-2700's including halftrack.)