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This box provides radio and intercom facilities to a crew member. Its functions are similar to those of the C-2298/VRC, but it also serves as a junction box for the C-2296/VRC. The unit includes a call indicator and means to signal the C-2296/VRC operator.

C-2297 VRC.png

  1. Housing Assembly
  2. Lens, Indicator
  3. Lamp, Incandescent
  4. Light, Indicator
  5. Knob
  6. Screw, Self Locking
  7. Cap, Dust
  8. Connector, Receptacle, Electrical
  9. Plate, Marking
  10. Connector, Receptacle, Electrical
  11. Knob
  12. Nut, Sleeve
  13. Knob
  14. Connector, Receptacle, Electrical
  15. Mounting Hardware
  16. Bag: Part of Kit P/N SMC415234
  17. Screw, Cap Hexagon Head, Part of Kit SMB415234
  18. Nut, Plain Hexagon, Part of Kit SMB415234
  19. Washer Lock, Part of Kit SMB415234

C-2297 VRC Schematic.png

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Adobe PDF icon.png TM 11-5820-401-35-7

Direct Support, General Support, and Depot Maintenance Manual including Repair Parts and Special Tools List
Control, Intercommunications Set
April 1973