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A General Radio Type 1120-A Primary Frequency Standard supplies a multitude of accurately known standards-frequency reference points distributed at convenience intervals over the ausio and radio frequency spectrum.

The Type 1105-B Frequency Measuring Equipment consists of the following instruments:

  • Type 1109 Comparison Oscilliscope
  • Type 1106 Frequency Transfer Units (three)
  • Type 1107 Interpolation Oscillator
  • Type 1108 Coupling Panel

An urm-18.png

Type 1105-A.png

Reference Materials

Adobe PDF icon.png Early General Radio Frequency Standard Manual

Adobe PDF icon.png Type 1100-A Frequency Standards

Adobe PDF icon.png Type 1105-A Frequency Measuring Equipment

Adobe_PDF_icon.png REP-693-1[1]
Signal Corps Repair Standard
Multi-Vibrator Power Supply
Project 4422D
Signal Corps Engineering Laboratories
Fort Monmouth, N.J.
31 May 1955


  1. REP-693-1,
    "US Army Technical Manual Collection,"
    from the CECOM Historical Office archive, Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD.
    CECOM Historical Office