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The AN/TRC-80 Radio Terminal Set was a United States Army communications system that provided line-of-sight or tropospheric scatter voice and teletypewriter communications between Pershing missile firing units and higher headquarters. Commonly known as the "Track 80", it was built by Rockwell Collins|Collins Radio and first delivered in 1960.

It provided five voice and one Frequency-shift keying|FSK teletypewriter channels. The voice channels were not secure, but teletypewriter channel could be secured by using the KW-7 Electronic Teletypewriter Security Equipment. The frequency range was 4.4–5.0 GHz with a power output of 1 kW.<ref name=TM_11-5820-469-10

It used the AS-1270/TRC-80 8 Foot Parabolic Antenna, an inflatable Parabolic antenna that was stored in a recessed space in the roof of the shelter. The TRC-80 shelter was carried on an M113 Armored Personnel Carrier variants tracked vehicle with Pershing 1; with Pershing 1a it was carried on the Ford M656 tractor by the U.S. Army

With the introduction of Pershing II, the TRC-80 was replaced by the AN/TRC-184 Radio Terminal Set and the AN/MSC-6 Satellite Communication Terminal.