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Homing Beacon AN/ CRN-12 is essentially a radio beacon, sometimes called a marker transmitter. It radiates a coded signal which may be used to guide personnel to the location of the transmitter by homing on the signal. The receiving equipment, which may be Radio Set SCR-536 that has been modified for use with Homing Beacon AN/ CRN-12 by means of Homing Modification Kit MC-619 (TM 11-235), is not a part of this equipment.

The homing beacon is intended for either manual or automatic transmission of a nondirectional signal. The equipment is capable of transmitting on any frequency from 3.5 to 6 mc (megacycles) . Automatic operation may be obtained on four prearranged crystal frequencies, provided the difference between the highest and lowest crystal frequencies is not more than 140 kc (kilocycles), the maximum bandwidth the antenna circuit will pass. By means of the BAND SWITCH, the antenna is tuned throughout the range in five steps designated A, B, C, D, and E; fine tuning is provided by an ANT. TUNING control. Normally, the signals may be received at least 8 miles from the point of transmission.


Reference Files

Adobe_PDF_icon.png TM 11-5046[1]
Department of the Army Technical Manual
AN/CRN-12( )
April 1951


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