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The SB-3614 is a tactical, ruggedized, 30-terminal automatic switchboard. It provides rapid, cordless service to various interfaces. It may operate as a 30-terminal, single-switching facility or maybe connected with additional switchboards to form a 60- or 90-line system. The switchboard operator can monitor, answer, initiate, extend, preempt, and release calls using the four-by-four key sender and other functional push buttons. Any connection can be broken down manually, through operator intervention and action, or automatically, through a subscriber going to an on-hook condition. A maximum of 18 terminals may be connected as either four-wire DTMF signaling trunks, or DC closure dial pulse or DTMF trunks, ear and mouth (E&M) dial pulse or DTMF lines or trunks. The switchboards provide fully automatic operation with touch tone subsets and two- and four-wire trunks and limited service with rotary dial pulse subsets. The SB-3614(V)/TT requires manual tandem dialing when dialing outside of your local switchboard. The SB-3614A(V)/TT automatically routes the call through the network using primary or alternate routes. For common-battery signaling or ring-down lines and trunks without DTMF capability, the switchboard provides call extension service. DTMF subscribers have direct distant dialing (7-, 10-, and 13-digit) and Defense Switching Network (DSN), Dial Central Office (DCO), and commercial access capabilities. Other features of the SF3-3614A(V)/TT include facsimile service, call forwarding, preemption by precedence, conference calling, and subscriber (loop) hunting.


Adobe PDF icon.png TM 11-5805-695-12

Operators and Organizational Maintenance Manual
Switchboard, Telephone
SB-3614 (V)/TT
August 1977