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he AN/ARC-220(V) and its ground version, the AN/VRC-100(V) will replace the AN/ARC-199(V) and AN/VRC-86(V) respectively. Secure communications will be achieved through the use of the KY-100 Crypto Set. The AN/ARC-220(V)1 consists of three line replaceable units; a Receiver-Transmitter (RT), a Power Amplifier Coupler (PAC), and Control Display Unit (CDU). The AN/ARC-220(V)2 is for bussed (1553) aircraft and consists of just the RT and PAC. The AN/VRC-100(V)1 consists of the three LRU's housed in a metal casing along with a power supply and speaker. The AN/VRC-100(V)2 is the AN/VRC-100(V)1 mounted on a HMMWV along with associated brackets and antennas. The AN/VRC-100(V)3 is for Echelons Above Corps and consists of the AN/VRC-100(V)1 with the AS-3791/G Broadband Antenna.