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In conjunction with the SCR-584 Radio Set (Radar)

The RD-54/TP and RO-3/MPQ azimuth-Elevation-Range Recorders are electro-mechanical devices which will record simultaneously on paper the azimuth, height, and range data transmitted from the radar set used in conjunction with the recorders.

RD-54/TP was used with the following radar sets after they were modified for mortar tracking:

1. Radio Sets SCR-584-A and SCR-584-B

2. Radio Set SCR-784

3. Radar Sets AN~MPQ-10 and AN~MPQ-10A

Reference File

  • TM 11-5534 Azimuth-Elevation Range Recorder RD-54/TP and Azimuth-Elevation Range Recorder RO-3/MPQ

19 August 1954 Adobe PDF icon.png TM 11-5534 1954