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The OL-416/TYQ-35 is the management shelter of the SCC. It also consists of an S-250 and an M-1037. It includes the multicolor graphics display unit and two management VDU workstations. The graphics display unit provides a display of the network connectivity at corps or division levels. The VDU workstations function differently, depending on their deployment role. At a corps SCC, one workstation manages the NCs and their LOS radio links. The other workstation manages the extension nodes and their LOS radio links. At the division SCC, the above functions are combined in oneworkstation. The other station controls the movement of the MSE elements, determines the status of individual platoons, and acts as a traffic service position for SCC messages. This shelter receives electrical power from the technical shelter. A 3/4-ton cargo trailer M-101A2 is part of the assemblage. Major Components: OL-416.TYQ-35(V).jpg

  • 1 Shelter S-250
  • 1 Environmental Control Unit
  • 2 DNVTs TA-1035/U
  • 1 Intercommunications Station LS-147
  • 1 Graphic Display
  • 1 Graphic Display Control Unit
  • 2 VDUs
  • 1 VDU Control Unit
  • 1 Communications Terminal AN/UGC-74