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NMF AN/TSQ-154 provides the equipment and space required by the node platoon leader to manage the resources of the NC/LEN. The NMF interfaces with the NS OL-413/TTC-47 operations shelter or LENS OL-412/TTC-46 operations shelter to receive operational order and technical directives from the SCC, and to send network status reports to the SCC.

It consists of an S-250 shelter transported on an M-1037. For nodal interconnection, it includes an intercom and a VINSON equipped headset. A 10 kw generator set supplies 115 VAC power. Major Components

  • 1 Intercommunications Station LS-147
  • 1 Headset VINSON COMSEC
  • 1 Environmental Control Unit
  • 1 Desk
  • 2 Map Boards