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Grounds- Pins, stakes, ground rods, ect. (A device driven into the ground which serves as an electrical connection will be termed a rod; others will be termed stakes or pins. )

  • GP-1 stake type. galvanized, iron 16" long
  • GP-2 stake type. galvanized, angle iron, 16" long
  • GP-3 stake type. angle iron W/ binding post, 30" long
  • GP-4 stake type. steel tube, 18" long
  • GP-5 stake type. angle iron W/ steel ring 16" long
  • GP-6 stake type. metal rod W/ binding post, 18" long
  • GP-7 stake type. 1/2 inch iron pipe, W/ binding post, 13" long
  • GP-8 stake type. steel gas pipe, W/ binding post 18" long
  • GP-9 pin type. 12" steel surveyors.
  • GP-10 pin type 14" steel surveyors.
  • GP-11 ground rod type, formerly ground rod type "D" with TM-31 9" for service buzzer
  • GP-12 ?
  • GP-13 stake type. oak and brass stake part of EE-10
  • GP-14 stake type. galvanized iron rod, 3' lon part of SCR-71
  • GP-15 ground rod type. formerly GR type "A" 5' long
  • GP-16 ground rod type. formerly GR type "E" 24" long
  • GP-17 ground rod type. formerly GR type M1910, 15" long
  • GP-18 ground rod type. galvanized steel pin, 27" long
  • GP-19 stake type. iron pipe, 3' long, Part of GD-2

(NOTE 1920 storage catalogue ends here)