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The Model DAV-2 Radio Direction Finder Equipment is designed to provide two distinct services: first, a radio direction finder for homing; and second, a two-way radio-telephone communications link. The Loop unit, radio transmitter-receiver unit and power supply fit in a watertight plywood case. This case can be carried on the operators chest of back by means of the web straps supplied. The receiver and transmitter of this equipment are crystal controlled and can be operated on any one channel in the frequency range of 2.3 mHz to 4.5 mHz. voice communications (A3 emission) is the only type of operation provided. The power output of the equipment is approximately 0.2 watt, and satisfactory communications between units over average terrain can be maintained over a range of approximately one mile. This range will increase somewhat for communication between aircraft and ground units.

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Adobe PDF icon.png DAV-2

Preliminary Instruction Book
Navy Model DAV-2
Radio Direction Finder Equipment
3 October 1944