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For some time the Fred Chesson data has been elusive on the internet. This remains as an excellent example of the need to "cross-pollinate" data across the internet. So many people just assumed that it would "always" be around, that they simply didn't save a copy or post on their own sites. Although the belief that "the internet is forever" is quite common, this is only true for important items such as Twitter posts, not one of a kind data like Fred Chessons. (note sarcastic tone...)

As part of my eternal struggle against limiting data about these important historical artifacts, I am creating a new cross referenced database that like this site, will be completely open to the public. The goals of the database are to allow full cross reference of all components of all systems from a single free text box. An example of this would be like searching "CRV-12345" would return a description of that component, and all systems that used it. It would provide quick linking to a details page on so that the DB just maintains the cross reference

Here is the complete RAW "Chesson-Downs" Data that I have. Please feel free to copy and repost, reuse and otherwise appropriate for any purpose you wish.

Compress_plain_32x32.png Raw Chesson-Downs Text Files

Individual Files

Text_rich_colored_shadow_32x32.png Key to Navy Aeronautical Publications Numbers
Text_rich_colored_shadow_32x32.png AN/ - Airborne Radar Equipment
Text_rich_colored_shadow_32x32.png AN/ - Airborne Electronic Equipment
Text_rich_colored_shadow_32x32.png AN/C** Air-Transportable Equipment
Text_rich_colored_shadow_32x32.png AN/G**- General Purpose Electronic Equipment
Text_rich_colored_shadow_32x32.png AN/- Electronics Equipment, for Shipboard, Submerged or Joint Use
Text_rich_colored_shadow_32x32.png Aircraft Radio Corp. Type 12 ARC Radio Sets
Text_rich_colored_shadow_32x32.png Naval Equipment Manufactures, CRP/Raytheon Mfg. Co, FSC/49956
Text_rich_colored_shadow_32x32.png The Elusive AN/GRR-4 Secret Receiver.
Text_rich_colored_shadow_32x32.png Miscellaneous Equipment
Text_rich_colored_shadow_32x32.png Radar Beacons
Text_rich_colored_shadow_32x32.png TO (Technical Order) Index
Text_rich_colored_shadow_32x32.png AN/U** - General Utility Equipment
Text_rich_colored_shadow_32x32.png Signal Corps BC- (Basic Component) Directory
Text_rich_colored_shadow_32x32.png Connecticut Manufacturers of Naval Equipment
Text_rich_colored_shadow_32x32.png Signal Corps Insulators
Text_rich_colored_shadow_32x32.png MDS Codes of Prominent Naval Electronics Equipment Manufacturers
Text_rich_colored_shadow_32x32.png Directory of RC (Radio Component) Items
Text_rich_colored_shadow_32x32.png Crystal Equipment
Text_rich_colored_shadow_32x32.png Antenna Items
Text_rich_colored_shadow_32x32.png Bags, Boxes, Cabinets, Cases, Chests, Covers, Etc
Text_rich_colored_shadow_32x32.png Naval Equipment Manufactures
Text_rich_colored_shadow_32x32.png Radar and Radio Jamming Equipment
Text_rich_colored_shadow_32x32.png Early Naval Communications Equipment
Text_rich_colored_shadow_32x32.png Signal Corps Radio Sets
Text_rich_colored_shadow_32x32.png Naval Equipment Manufactures
Text_rich_colored_shadow_32x32.png AN/APS- Airborne Radar Search Equipment
Text_rich_colored_shadow_32x32.png Naval Equipment Manufactures, Westinghouse Corporation MDS/CAY, FSC/97942
Text_rich_colored_shadow_32x32.png Electronic Equipment of the B-29 Enola Gay.
Text_rich_colored_shadow_32x32.png Meteorology
Text_rich_colored_shadow_32x32.png Pigeon Equipment
Text_rich_colored_shadow_32x32.png Communications Security and Related Equipment
Text_rich_colored_shadow_32x32.png AN/ALQ-*, ALT-*, ATP-*, SPT-*, TPT-*, UPT-* Radar Jamming Equipment
Text_rich_colored_shadow_32x32.png Naval Equipment Manufactures, General Electric Co, MDS/CG, FSC/24446
Text_rich_colored_shadow_32x32.png Signal Corps FM-11 Field Manuals
Text_rich_colored_shadow_32x32.png A-N/ and Signal Corps Plugs & Connectors
Text_rich_colored_shadow_32x32.png Simulators and Training Equipment
Text_rich_colored_shadow_32x32.png Joint Army-Navy Electronic Systems (AN/***-***)
Text_rich_colored_shadow_32x32.png Military Photographic Items
Text_rich_colored_shadow_32x32.png Signal Corps Technical Manuals, TM-11 Series
Text_rich_colored_shadow_32x32.png Military VT- Tube to Commercial Tube Conversion Tables