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The AN/TRC-176 is a portable UHF/VHF HAVE QUICK II capable radio set operating in the 116.0 to 149.975 or 225.0 to 399.975 MHz frequency bands. It can provide one channel of either UHF or VHF voice communications (both UHF and VHF cannot be operated simultaneously) and can be secured with TSEC/KY-57 and operate in the HAVE QUICK mode to prevent enemy jamming. Air-to-ground radio operations encompass the majority of missions for this system, although it can be used for local command and control and engineering nets. The operational range for local area ground-to- ground communications is less than 35 miles with minimal obstructions between communications points. For air-to-ground the operational range is up to 200 miles line-of-sight. One ground radio technician should have 8W of power over 90 percent of the VHF and UHF tuning ranges within 4 hours. After the unit is operational, the technician can be returned to home base if there are other radio technicians available to maintain the radio.