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Infrared Communications Set AN/SAC-1 is a transmitting and receiving equipment for use at night during periods of radio silence in effective AM (Voice, CW) soundless, invisible communications between ships by means of a beam of invisible infrared light.

the equipment employs two transmitter receivers, one on each side of the ship, to obtain full coverage without interference from the ships infrastructure. Only one transmitter-receiver is used at a time. An operator is required to train the transmitter receiver in use on the ship with which communications is desired. This to establish communication, it is necessary for each ship to know the approximate direction to the other. The operator at the transmitter-receiver can monitor the incoming signal, enabling him to keep the equipment properly directed. Additional facilities are provided for remote transmission and reception through use of a handset.

A minimum of two operators is required to operate this equipment.

AN SAC-1.png

Technical Details

Wavelength Range
0.8 - 2.0 microns
Type of Modulation
AM Infrared
Power Output
Power Requirements
1320 w, 110 vDC and 110V, 60 cyc, single phase.


2 - Infrared Receiver Transmitter (RT-135/SAC-1)
1 - Console OA-70/SAC-1
Resistor Assembly
Control C-469/SAC-1

Reference Files

Adobe PDF icon.png JANAP 161 PP 655

15 May 1952