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The AN/PSN-11 Precision Lightweight GPS Receiver is a highly accurate Satellite Signals Navigation Set (hereafter referred to as PLGR). The PLGR computes accurate position coordinates, elevation, speed, and time information from signals transmitted by the GPS satellites. The PLGR selects satellites that are 10 degrees or more above the horizon (elevation angle) during initial acquisition. If less than four satellites are available at 10 degrees or more, and elevation angle of 0 degree is used for acquisition. The PLGR is operated stand-alone using prime battery power and integral antenna. It can also be used with an exter- nal power source and external antenna.

  • Features of the PLGR include:
  • Continuous tracking of up to five satellites
  • Course/Acquisition (C/A), Precise (P), and Encrypted P (Y) code capability
  • One-handed operation
  • Backlit display and keyboard for night operation
  • Operates in all weather, day or night
  • Produces no signal that can reveal your position
  • Automatically tests itself during operation
  • Stores up to 999 waypoints
  • Stores up to 15 routes with up to 25 legs per route
  • Is sealed against dust and water to a depth of one meter
  • Compatible with night-vision goggles
  • Resists jamming
  • Accepts differential GPS corrections
  • Works with other electronic systems

Reference Files

Adobe PDF icon.png The PLGR Primer

A Step by Step Introduction to the AN/PSN-11 (PLGR)
Marine Corps Combat Development Command
Quantico, Virginia 22134
25 March 1996