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CRN-4* Partrooper Beacon, Hallicrafters U/W SCR-269*, AN~ARN-7 DF


  • T-59,150/ CRN-4 Xmitter, 1400-1750 KC, with K,M,Q,Y Code IDs. one 6V6
  • AS-85/ CRN-4 50 ft Center-Fed Antenna
  • AS-243/ CRN-4A Center-Fed Ant.
  • CW-25/ CRN-4 Xmitter Bag
  • CW-26/ CRN-4 Antenna Bag
  • CW-125/ CRN-4A Antenna Bag
  • CY-83/ CRN-4 Batt Box
  • TS-476/ CRN-4B Dummy Ant