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CRC-2 Fighter Control System BC-624, BC-625, BC-638, BC-639 100-


  • AB-7A/ CRC-2 Ant. Mast, 9 ft-7"
  • BC-624 CRC-2 Rcvr, 100-156 MC
  • BC-625 CRC-2 Xmitter, 100-156 MC, 8 W, AM (in CY-34)
  • BC-638 CRC-2 Fq. Mtr, 100-156 MC (in CY-33)
  • BC-639 CRC-2 Rcvr, 100-156 MC (in CY-32)
  • C-64/ CRC-2 R-T RC U/W C-65/ & BC-624,625,639, W-110-B
  • C-65/ CRC-2 R-T Remote-Local Control S/T C-50/CRC-1 U/W CY-34/
  • CG-13/ CRC-2 75 ft Coax, FT-244/ or BC-639 Rcvr to RC-81-A Antenna
  • CS-80/ CRC-2 Case
  • CX-77/ CRC-2 Power Cable U/W PE-214, CY-32,33,34
  • CX-78/ CRC-2 PC. RA-62 to FT-244/ (BC-624 & BC-625)
  • CX-79/ CRC-2 24" 10-cond. Control Cable. C-65 to FT-244/ (BC-624,625)
  • CY-32/ CRC-2 Dual BC-639 Rcvr Case
  • CY-33/ CRC-2 BC-638 Freq. Meter Case
  • CY-34/ CRC-2 Trunk for BC-625 C-65, CS-80, FT-244, PP-30, Mic TS-14
  • CY-35/ CRC-2 Case for 8 RC-81 Antennas
  • CY-36/ CRC-2 Accessory Storage Case
  • CY-55/ CRC-2 RA-62 Case
  • CY-165/ CRC-2 Cord Set Case
  • CY-165/ CRC-2 Case for Cord Sets CG-13/ and CX-77/
  • FT-244/ CRC-2 Xmitter Mounting
  • I-139/ Test Set
  • MK-13/ CRC-2 Maint. Kit
  • PE-214/ CRC-2 PS U/W CY-32/
  • PP-30/ BC-625 PS
  • RA-42-*/ BC-639 Rect-PS
  • RA-62/ CRC-2 Rect-PS
  • RC-81-A Antenna Eqpt.
  • TS-14* Hand Set