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The AN/ARC-34, made by RCA and Magnavox, is capable of transmitting and receiving on any one of 1750 channels, spaced 100 kHz, within the frequency range of 225.0 to 399.9 MHz. The RF power output is 10 watts. Audio Frequency bandwidth is 6 kHz , audio output is 0.5W. There is a 1kHz tone modulation facility


  • RT-263/ ARC-34
  • MT-1099/U
  • C-1057/ARC-34 Radio Set Control or C-1057A/ARC-33
  • ID-/572 or ID-573
  • Antenna Flush-tail cap-type arrays, Antenna AT-256A/ARC or any other 52 ohm
  • Special test voltmeter ARM-11/ARC or URM76A