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The AN/TTC-47 NC, also called NCS, is configured in one S-250/G and one S-250E/G shelter, each transported on an M-1037 (HMMWV). The NC/NCS is the hub of the MSE node providing network interface for the subscriber access elements. It provides automatic subscriber finding, deleting the need for knowledge of the subscribers' geographical location.

  • The ON-306/TTC-47 switching shelter provides the external interface, circuit switching, and associated functions.
  • The OL-413/TTC-47 operations shelter provides the central processing and operator interface functions. The NC/NCS provides automatic subscriber finding features which allow permanent subscriber address assignment and negates the need for knowledge of subscriber geographical location and switch affiliation at the subscriber level. Power

to both assemblages is provided by a PU-753/M, 10-kW, trailer-mounted, diesel generator.

Major Components


  • 1 Switch subsystem AN/TTC-47:
  • 1 Communication modem
  • 1 Environmental control unit
  • 1 Intercommunications station LS-147
  • 1 Workstation
  • 6 Intershelter cables
  • 1 Power cables CX-7453 and CX-7705 (Shelter power cables are connected in series)


  • 15 Trunk encryption device KG-194A's
  • 1 Automatic key distribution control KGX-93
  • 1 Intercommunications station LS-147