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The large extension node switch (LENS)AN/TTC-46, part of the LEN, is configured in two S-250( )/G shelters:

Each shelter is transported to an M-1037 high mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicle (HMMWV). The LENS is configured basically the same as the NC switch (see NS (also called NCS)with the basic difference in termination configuration for trunks and loops. The switching shelter provides the external interface, circuit switching, and associated functions. The operations shelter provides the central processing and operator interface functions. Power to both assemblages is provided by a PU-753/M, 10-kW, trailer-mounted, diesel generator towed by the operations shelter's prime mover.

Major Components:


  • 1 Automatic key distribution control KGX-93
  • 2 Super high frequency (SHF) control unit


  • 1 Switch subsystem AN/TTC-46:
1 LCSP (Part of AN/TTC-46)
1 Switching processor subsystem (Part of AN/TTC-46)
1 Plasma display unit (Part of AN/TTC-46)
  • Communications modem
  • 1 Secure device NRI KY-90
  • Environmental control unit
  • 1 Intercommunications station LS-147
  • 6 Intershelter cables

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