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Technical Details

Frequency Range
0.5 to 32 mHz
Type of Signals Received
CS, MCS, Voice, SSB, FSK
Type of Tuning
Continuous; frequency read directly on counter type indicator.
Method of Calibration
Built in Crystal-controlled
Calibration Points
Every 100 kHz
16, 8, 4, 2 Khz with LC filters, 1 and 0.1 Khz with crystal filters
First IF
variable 9 - 18 Mhz, only from 0.5 to 8Mhz
Second IF
Variable 2 -3 Mhz on all bands
Third IF
fixed 455 Khz
better than 1μV inCW/SSB, better than 3μV inb AM
Power output local
500 mw 600ohm
Power output audio line
10 mw 600ohm
Power Source
115 or 230 Volts +-10% 50-60 Hz, 270 Watts Total; 170 watts with OVENS switch turned to OFF
Dimension and weight
L 48.3 cm(19"), H 26.6 cm(10.5"), P 43.8 cm (17.25"), 29.5 Kgr